How to stop itching fast – Trick Your Brain!

How to stop itching fast: Heat from a hot hair dryer (set on high) used as close to the skin as possible can stop severe itching anywhere on the body: your head, scalp, arms, legs, fingers, crotch, butt, toes, athletes foot, jock itch, feet, nipples, vagina, anal area, anus, etc. The same way that a pin-prick of pain near an itchy point on the body will counteract the itch sensation, heat and momentary localized pain from a hot hairdryer has the same instantaneous effect to stop itching immediately. Pain immediately counters and neutralizes the itch by signaling the brain that something more important is going on. The body recognizes pain as a more important warning signal, so the brain focuses on the pain and ignores the itch. Distracting the brain with momentary pain is an excellent way to end an itch. The pain ends the itch, because the enzymes are destroyed by the high heat of the hot hair dryer. Itching is caused by enzyme activity at the cellular level of the body. The enzymes that cause us itching, and discomfort can be neutralized with enough HEAT to generate one second of pain. Anything is better than itching. Would you rather itch all day or say “ouch” once and be done with it? How it works: Applying heat (just like when cooking food) destroys enzyme activity by burning it out. By destroying the enzymes the itching ceases instantly. An example is when a mosquito bites its victim with its needle-like mouthparts, it injects a liquid containing its digestive

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25 Responses to How to stop itching fast – Trick Your Brain!

  1. inventorr77 says:

    @VampirateBloodR8 – So you want to know how to spell ouch? OUCH! I hope you are glad to get rid of your itching? You never told me, but I already know that a one-second of “ouch” is better than hours of itching. Enjoy!

  2. VampirateBloodR8 says:

    Aouch !! How to spell the right Ouch, auch, och aaoouucchh !!??

  3. 1321theshawty says:

    hahaha thats funny the dude up there is all like way to go asswhole i burnt my testicles hahaha… (balls)

  4. Rover7898 says:

    ur not a girl

  5. taniathegreatify says:

    okay wat if its ur bum hole sorry i know its rude but would it work

  6. Malloryrocks21able says:

    deeo voice for a girl!!

  7. videosfromderelix says:

    @inventorr77 Like the video but…what? Be respectful because your a girl? That doesn’t really make any sense.
    Is it ok to disrespect guys? Are girls just naturally born with respect?
    And finally, It’s youtube. No such thing as respect.

  8. lilmikey23333 says:

    is it normal if i make giraff sounds while doing this??

  9. Revuhlations says:

    @brynjoy it’s for uses like poison ivy where if you scratch it it spreads

  10. brynjoy says:

    cuz thats so much more convenient than scratching it..?

  11. MrRunforyourlife says:

    Wow. A hairy female. (thats of course if she is one.)

  12. kittysaurusRAWR says:

    haha thats not a woman.

  13. cakesofffire says:

    u have a deep voice 4 girl

  14. a1mint says:

    homeopathy doesn’t work period.

  15. hashbrownsandeggs says:

    why’s there some random picture of a girl in the background

  16. AgentFlea says:

    @inventorr77 Yes. Be respectful only because she is a girl.

  17. wizzair1313 says:

    ur a girl?? yeah thats like telling me to go get a drivers license from stevie wonder!!!

  18. c1tho says:

    my anus is itching! i dont think its a good idea

  19. DylanVidz says:


  20. Elenkhos says:

    You’re actually exhausting the histamines in the cells that are reacting to some stimulant not enzymes. Histamines are part of the Amine group of molecules.

  21. 777Kiana says:


    Hey, its not her fault.. Hairdryers vary, yuh know? .. One can be average-hot, while another set on the same temp, can be super-hot.. or maybe you held it too close.. need someone to lick it cool? *wink*

  22. phook85 says:

    i think it worked for now.. thankyou so much

  23. inventorr77 says:

    @jjjblu HA HA… nobody ever noticed that before.

  24. jjjblu says:

    you got some hairy arms for a chick then.

  25. avo01d says:

    yeah it works… once you feel it burn, it kills the itching!

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